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Screen scraper refers to an application that takes the html or information from a web page to take data which can then be converted to a suitable form.  A screen scraper is also referred to as a screen scrapper.  html screen scraper programs will simulate a person viewing a web site with a browser. With these scripts you can connect to a web page and request a page, exactly as a browser would do, this is sometimes referred to as screen scraper software. The web server will send back the page which you can then manipulate or take specific information from.  Common uses for screen scrapers are collecting, data, html, pictures, content, images or other information on the webpage.  For instance a market researcher may use a screen scraper to collect customer information and specific customers emails for a marketing campaign.  A scientific researcher may use screen scrapers to collect statistical data from several websites for their research.  A business may use a screen scrapper to collect and compare pricing options from their competitor's websites.  Or may use a screen scraper software to iterate through a website and download all the pictures to a data set, also known as a screen scrape as well. 

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